Nutribullet Review and Paleo Friendly Recipes

When I first started paleo, I picked up a Nutribullet. I nearly didn’t bother as I have a smoothie maker attached to my blender, but it leaves skin tingling (in a bad way!) gloop and lumps in the smoothie.  The Nutribullet was a lot heavier then expected but once it is unpacked it sits nicely on my unit.   It includes a large cup (as in the photo) a small cup and then a medium cup with a handle. You get the four armed blade that is for smoothies and then a two armed flat blade for milling nuts and herbs. What is brilliant about this smoothie maker is its power. The blade pulverises through the cores, seeds and stems in the fruit and does not extract any of the necessary fibre or pulp like a juicer. The result is the texture of a milkshake, and you can make it thicker or thinner with water.    The photos above just show some leftovers from the fridge and a few rogue items from our vegetable garden. It wasn’t the nicest one I have had but it was refreshing. Some of my favourite smoothies I have tried include

‘Piña Colada’

  • One cup chopped pineapple
  • Two cups Coconut milk (I will tell you how to make it further down)
  • One banana
  • Water

Add all the ingredients to the large cup. After you have added coconut milk, fill water to the max line. Blast with the four armed blade until smooth but for no longer then 40 seconds. If you made your own coconut milk, the creamy fat that rises to the top after being refrigerated is beautiful scooped up and added to smoothies!

Strawberry ‘milkshake’

  • One banana
  • A handful of strawberries
  • Almond milk or water to the max line.

Blast for up to 40 seconds and enjoy!

Coconut/Almond Milk

  • Shredded coconut or blanched almonds,  about a handful
  • Warm water

Add the coconut or almonds to the large cup and add warm water to the fill line.Leave for 30 minutes to add creaminess. Blast for up to 40 seconds.  Taking a nut bag over a bowl, slowly pour the contents into the nut bag. When most of the liquid has drained, gently squeeze the lumps to get all of the liquid. This will last for up to a day in the fridge. You can make coconut flour with the leftover pulp. Coconut/almond flour Take the remaining pulp and place it on a piece of baking paper on an oven tray. Use a fork to mash out any lumps. Place in oven on the lowest heat for 4 hours, or until no moisture is left. Mill it using the two armed bladed to make fine and store in a jar. Enjoy!


One thought on “Nutribullet Review and Paleo Friendly Recipes

  1. Those smoothies are great for a quick nutritious breakfast or as a “snack” of sorts. My personal favorite is the pina colada. Keep up the good work!


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