Hello world!

I can speak for England, but when the little box tells me to write something here I suddenly froze and forgot what I was going to say. So I guess I will tell you a bit about myself, the reasons for this blog and what I hope to include.

I am learning so if there is anything you would like added (or removed!) comment 🙂

So… I am Katrina, a northern English lass with an obsession for crafts. My main craft is book folding, some of you love it and some of you hate it but I adore it. My obsession started after I was feeling sorry for myself after a stint in hospital and I couldn’t really leave the house. I was browsing through Pinterest one day and came across a photograph of an adorable heart folded into a book. I clicked the link and there was some basic instructions on how to book fold and how to create a heart. That was the beginning of the end (of any spare time whatsoever.) The heart took me around an hour and my poor Facebook friends were subjected to five or six photographs of the wonky heart I had created. Later, I bought an alphabet and wrote my cousins surname. This time there were several comments such as ‘wow’ and ‘I want one’ so I set about making a few for friends and family, including my Hubbies Grandma. People asked to buy the books from me, but as I didn’t feel good enough I refused to sell them for a while. After a few months I made a Facebook page (Foldilocks Book Art and Gifts,) registered with the tax man and I have never looked back. I began to find that I could not always make what people were asking for so I began to make my own patterns and Foldilocks Etsy was born when the patterns were requested by other crafters on Facebook.

I now sell over a hundred patterns and several alphabets in different fonts and get asked for custom patterns again. It is amazing as I have been able to supplement my student loan whilst I study and I have met some amazing people along the way.

I have always crafted, as a child I loved using Fimo or Prima and making models, and I have started recently paper cutting and quilling. I would love to include other different types of crafts and feature other crafters so please do get in touch.

I also decided that this blog would not just include crafts, but other things that I enjoy. I think this will keep the blog fresh and steer it away from a set of rules. I also enjoy growing fruit and vegetables, cooking, fitness and nutrition (we are 80% Paleo but 20% naughty) so expect a lot of ramblings along those lines.

Well I definitely got over not being able to find anything to say! I am going to sign off now, but if anyone would like to try out book folding for free, I have a group on Facebook, and in the files are some free book folding instructions and some free patterns (including a basic heart for you to make!) The group is ‘Book Folding Patterns by Foldilocks’ but you can also copy and paste the link here too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/378356878980633/